Sustainable Tourism

Promises to our guests

We believe the focus should be on the guest – not just in words but also in actions.

Our core values

WELCOMING – We enjoy taking good care of our guests and we actively spread information about our destination.

RESPECT – We show respect for people, nature, culture and traditions.

OPENNESS – We share our challenges, successes and results.

HONESTY – We deliver what we promise.

Our 10 undertakings

1. We continually work to improve the experience for our guests.
2. We provide clear information about our accessibility to people with special needs.
3. We offer a safe and secure environment for our guests and colleagues.
4. We train and involve our team members so that together we have the competence and drive to achieve our vision, our core values and our commitments.
5. We comply with laws and regulations.
6. We contribute to income opportunities and society at the destination in a way that benefits the population, nature, culture and traditions.
7. We save energy and change from fossil to renewable energy and make ourselves independent of metals that are rare in nature (such as, for example, lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, silver).
8. We use chemicals efficiently and change, from those that nature cannot handle and that affect the hormonal systems of plant and animal life, to eco-labelled or biologically degradable alternatives.
9. We use resources from and contribute to cared-for nature and seas so that we do not overexploit and deplete the planet’s biological diversity.
10. We run our business in a way that contributes to the development of local and global society and not to a short-term increase in our welfare at the expense of those who live in developing countries.