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Rent a canoe or kayak

If you do not find what you are looking for among our packages, you can always put one together yourself.

You can download the map of the canoe trail and make you own package. We love to help you to optimally prepare your canoe trip on the river Emån.

Our canoe fleet consists of 24 canoes and 4 kayaks. Mostly Osagian canoes in aluminium, three models are available: 2-person 15 feet, 2-person 17 feet and 3-person 17 feet. All models can accommodate an extra seat. We also have some 15.5 feet Pelican canoes in polyethylene. Those are the only ones we still rent out  downstream of Högsby.

EMventure is using the first aluminium kayaks in Europe. These are very stable open kayaks with a large payload, making them ideal to use for multi-day expeditions.

Rentalprices 2022


Pelican pol. 2-pers 15.5 ft. 250 SEK/day
Osagian alu 2-pers 15 ft. 325 SEK/day
Osagian alu 2-pers 17 ft. 350SEK/day
Osagian alu 3-pers 17 ft. 390 SEK/day


Pelican pol. 1-pers 12 ft. 250 SEK/day
Osagian alu 1-pers 12 ft. 250 SEK/day
Canoetroley 60 SEK/day
Tent (2 pers) 75 SEK/day
Trangia 35 SEK/day
Waterproof container 60l 25 SEK/day
Waterproof container 6,5l 10 SEK/day
Waterproof bag 15 SEK/day
Campingset (axe, saw, shovel) 25 SEK/day
Sleeping bag 75 SEK/day
Transport prices
Nr on map Place Price
1 Rynningsholm 1250 SEK
2 Melby 995 SEK
4 Värne 925 SEK
4 Värne via Vetlanda 1000 SEK
8 Brunnshult 720 SEK
10-12 Skede 660 SEK
13 Hulsbybrunn 575 SEK
14-15 Aspödammen 500 SEK
16 Bruksgården 375 SEK
17-18 Ädelfors 325 SEK
19 Kyrkängen 360 SEK
20-21 Kvillsfors 275 SEK
22 Kvillsfors 325 SEK
23-24 Järnforsen 420 SEK
26 Årena 600 SEK
27 Stensryd 672 SEK
28 Gårdveta 725 SEK
29 Emmenäs 800 SEK
30 Mörlunda 900 SEK
31 Rynningsnäs 1100 SEK
  Blankan 1300 SEK
  Högsby 1500 SEK
  Åsebo 1750 SEK
  Fliserud 2000 SEK
  Påskallavik 2250 SEK

Fishing on Emån

If you want to fish during your canoe tour on Emån you will need a license. You can buy  a license online on

Our start and end points

Safety and environment

  • Our canoes are approved and safe. We always include life jackets when renting a canoe.
  • Life jackets must be worn.

Information / Conditions

  • Start: The starting place is always our base Kröken, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Payment: SEK in cash or by bank card upon delivery.
  • Period: Every day from May 1st to September 30th. Reservations are recommended.
  • It is important, especially in the high season, to be ready at the booked time of transport. Otherwise any additional latency may be charged or you may even lose your turn.
  • The transport price include: the equipment and transport, up to 8 person (if there are more persons, we recommend to drop off some people at the start and then proceed to our base with the cars).
  • For trips lasting longer than a day, it is possible to do the transport the night before, after 6pm, and to then spend the night in the canoe camping ground in Melby, which is located a little to north of Värne. Supplement 100 SEK.
  • The rental period starts at 9 am the first day until 6pm on the last day. The rental period must not be exceeded, unless otherwise agreed.
  • In case of loss or damage to the equipment, this must be stated on arrival. The user is responsible for the rented equipment and is required to compensate if damaged. Rules given before departure by the staff of EMventure are to be followed. In case of misconduct during the rental period, you may be denied the right to hire without entitlement to compensation.
  • If the customer prematurely ends the rental period, the rent will not be reimbursed.
A young girl i a bleu aluminium kayak