Red cottage with garden


A 200 year old log cabin for 2-4 persons in the middle of the woods.

Back to basics! Is a possibility, in our 200 year old cabin, situated in the middle of the forest, 5 km from our base Kröken. There are no running water and electricity. You can easily walk into the woods and the garden is filled with lingonberries and wild strawberries. A flowing stream with waterfalls and a small forest pool make the location unique.

The house is still in its original condition. You will find a cosy living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with a stove and a bedroom with a double bed. Two extra beds are possible. In the new outhouse you will find an authentic Finnish sauna. Recently we have installed a solar panel so that there is a basic lighting and you can charge a phone.

Cooking can be done either on gas or on the stove. The kitchen is also equipped with a 12V refrigerator. Illuminating the rooms needs to be done with oil lamps and candles. As the nearest neighbour lives 2 km away, Kvarnamo is definitely the place to completely unwind without any interruptions. If you wish to rent canoes or mountain bikes or when you wish to charge your phone or camera, you are always welcome to Kröken. There is also a very quiet bathing place located 3km from the cottage.

Due to the low ceilings, this location is unfortunately not suitable for people larger than 195 cm

You can find more photos in our photo album

Saturday to Saturday, including: bed linen, firewood and gas

Woodheated kitchenstove and refrigerator